Basics of A wireless Router

Basics Of A Wireless
Wondering how a
wireless router
works? “Based on
radio technology,
internal wireless
routers allow you to
connect to the
network and talk to
network devices
without connecting a
What does a Wireless
Router do for a
Computer Network?
A wireless router
acts as a wired
router; you can
assign IP addresses
and network
applications, and
Internet connections.
However, wireless
routers have an
additional element:
to transmit a
wireless signal, so
you can connect to a
network without
having to connect
your computer to
anything. Wireless
routers are excellent
choices if you have a
laptop or want to
connect a game
console to the
Internet without
having to fill your
home with wires.
Some routers and
wireless service
provide Internet
modems packages to
create a wireless
Internet router,
which functions as a
modem and wireless
Components needed
for a Computer
Network to Function.
A wireless router is
only one element
needed in a wireless
network, is useless
without the wireless
components to
connect to the
network. For
example, if you have
a wireless router,
but your computer
only has a wired
network card,
wireless router do
not do much good.
You need wireless
network cards to
allow the
components to
receive and use a
wireless network
signal. Some devices,
like game consoles,
and some computers
are equipped with
wireless receivers
built in. If you do not
have a built-in
wireless modem, you
can use a wireless
USB external adapter
or network card to
access a wireless
Using Wired
Connections and
Wireless at the same
Most wireless
routers have four
slots for wired
connections. It is the
perfect option if you
want to configure
your wireless router
close to a desktop PC
that does not have a
wireless card, you
can connect your
desktop computer
using a cable
connection, and
broadcast the signal
wirelessly to your
wireless laptop or
other units. Wired
connections are also
very convenient for
network devices
such as sharing
printers and external
hard drives.
Standards Protocols
may Vary depending
on your Network
One of the hardest
things for new users
is to decipher the
various protocols
and wireless
technologies. The
three most common
wireless router is
802.11b, 802.11g and
802.11n. 802.11g is
by far the most
common network
protocol and widely
used wireless, but
802.11n is becoming
more popular
because it offers
higher connection
speeds and better
wireless range.
802.11n is not
finalized yet, which
means it can still
change before the
final specifications
are determined.
802.11n devices are
more expensive than
their counterparts
802.11g, and you
should select
products that let you
update the firmware
you choose an
802.11n network
device, so you can
install the necessary
Security Features
Enabled is a Must
Wireless networks
operate using radio
signals, and it is
possible for people
to intercept these
signals to access
your network and
steal your data. All
wireless routers
offer integrated
encryption protocols
and security. When
you configure a
wireless router,
make sure to select
the protocol of the
most advanced
security that your
network and
network devices can
support. You must
match the security
protocol for each
device you'll need to
connect to the


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